Drums of Tuatha
Drum Circle 1 . Drum circles, .

are as old as humanity

...a way for everyone to be included in a non-competitive environment. The drum circles that are facilitated by Kirk McLaren are all-inclusive, providing a good experience for both seasoned drummers and first-time participants. Drumming is something everyone does, whether consciously or subconsciously. As our heart beats every minute, we naturally move to the rhythms we hear all around us, whether they are coming from recorded music or through nature. Drumming provides a chance to make music in a risk-free environment. It is like participating in a conversation in which we all get a chance to talk.

Drumming does many things for the participant. It develops ear, eye and hand coordination, strengthens reflexes and promotes good circulation. Group drumming enhances listening and cooperation skills. The group as a whole sounds better when "playing together". Because of its simplicity, success is quickly attained, rewarding the participant with a feeling of success early in the experience.

Drum Circle 2

The Open Drum Circle is not intended for performance, although many people enjoying watching them.  These are intended for the participation of the community.  Ideally the experience provides a sense of continuity, creative expression and achievement in a supportive environment.

Drum Circle 3

Kirk McLaren started facilitating drum circles in the mid-nineties.  Events have included Gathering of the Tribes, The Children’s spirit gathering in Tennessee, Autumn Moon, Drumming on the mountain and Beltane in central Virginia.  He has also taught a many festivals and events his workshops in Drum circle Dynamics, drum circles for Children and Adults.  He has also started and facilitated Drumcircles in his area at a variety of venues.

Since 2002, the Drums of Tuatha does volunteer work including the NOW organization to help troubled youths in Virginia Beach, VA.

and EarthDance of Hampton Roads

They have also facilitated drum circles from the east to west coasts.

The Drums of Tuatha continue to perform at private gatherings, weddings, charities, festivals and fairs...

If you are interested in having a drum circle as a part of your program, the Drums of Tuatha may offer a presentation for a one-time experience as well as an ongoing program.

Please contact Kirk McLaren at (757) 874-1476,


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